Monday, February 12, 2007

SKM Goes Global!!!

I am thrilled to announce that we are officially about to launch our first "international" chapter of Soulful Knitting Ministries. I'd been praying about how to grow this ministry and reach as many women as possible, and God answered that prayer by bringing another Knitting Angel named Linda who lives in Canada, along with several of her knitting friends who are starting the Canadian version of SKM.

I've received e-mails from some of you asking about collecting yarn and/or knitting prayer shawls for women in Canada, so here's your chance! Linda has set up a new e-mail address specifically for SKM. If you live in Canada and want to join our ministry, either by donating yarn and/or knitting prayer shawls, please contact Linda directly.

I can't thank Linda and her friends enough for stepping up to the plate and participating in such an amazing way. This is what Soulful Knitting is all about!

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Mary said...

That's wonderful, Syd!