Friday, March 31, 2006

The perfect place for a prayer shawl

I took my knitting with me to NC yesterday. What a surprise - I take my knitting everywhere! I finally finished a prayer shawl for a very special person (more on that later) and I wanted to take some pictures. We were visiting at the home of a very dear friend who lives on a heavily wooded lot that reminds me of a seminary everytime I go there. It is so tranquil and so beautiful there.

Though the property is very natural, it's owners have lovingly planted gardens and secluded private places to pray, read, write (or in my case, knit). Since the day was gorgeous, I decided to scour the grounds to look for the perfect spot to take a picture. There were lots of options, but imagine my surprise when I spotted this bench beneath a tree with a cross on it. I couldn't think of a more fitting place to take a picture of a prayer shawl!


Shelley said...

What an awesome place that sounds like!

Your shawl looks so beautiful. I am sure the recipient will love it! I made two prayer shawls and gave them to a couple of senior ladies at church for Christmas, and they loved them. They were very touched and had tears of joy over them. That was the best feeling, to know that they really appreciated the shawls...

Mary said...

That's a beautiful shawl, Pat. It looks a lot like the shawl that I will eventually knit from the yarn that you wound for me -- remember? One of these days that will get knit!