Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Zen of Praise

This week, I purchased an MP3 player, a Zen by Creative Media Source. It doesn't look like much, and costs much less than the popular iPod (less than $40 at WalMart), but after just a few days, I can't imagine how I lived without it. The night I bought it, I spent a few hours downloading my favorite jazz/latin/contemporary praise and worship songs. So far, I have 98 songs by artists such as Donnie McClurkin, Salvador, Jonathan Butler, Ramsey Lewis, Yolanda Adams and many more.

My BOSE stereo system in my car died a horrible death nearly a year ago and the cost to replace it is more than my car is worth, but that was probably a blessing because now when I'm in the car, I'm listening to my new playlist. Now when I'm walking, my Zen and my camera inspire me to find God in unexpected places on my travels and to try to capture some of that on film. This morning I realized that I could copy the same playlist to my PC, so I'm listening to it as I blog. Some may consider this the "lazy woman's way to pray", and perhaps they're right. But for me, it works. I can't help but thank God and praise Him when I'm listening to this music.

My daughter is coming home for 2 weeks next month for my birthday - she's stationed in Iraq. We decided to wait and exchange Christmas presents when she comes. She doesn't need much, and certainly can't drag around a lot of stuff given where she is. When I created my Zen of Praise, I realized that it would be the PERFECT gift for her. It's much smaller than a credit card and easily fits in the palm of a hand. My version (the least expensive one) holds approximately 250 songs, and will play for 10 hours on a built-in battery that recharges in 2 hrs from a PC. And thankfully for me, I introduced her to all these artists when she was growing up so I know she's going to love my playlist. So, for Christmas in March, she's getting a Zen of Praise of her very own, complete with her Mom's playlist. Just listening to it as she sits on lonely guard duty for 4 hours each evening will uplift her, encourage her, remind her that her mother loves her, and most importantly, remind her that God loves her even more.


Mary said...

What a great gift! I bought a Creative Zen Jukebox a few years ago and it's much bigger and bulkier and more cumbersome. It's nice to see that they've got a smaller, better portable version out now.

Cloudscome said...

This is a fabulous idea! I listen to a Gospel Praise radio station in the car during my half hour commute twice a day and it inspires me so much. I often am moved to sing and dance or cry along with those same artists you mentioned.

I have an iPod but I rarely remember to recharge it or listen to it. The radio works better for me. I always have little ones making background noise so if I am alone for a few minutes I like to hear the quiet.