Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thinking BIG

Earlier today I posted about believing by faith alone that the knitting retreat will come to be. Tonight I was browsing through a book that I bought to give to my daughter at her graduation on Saturday and I found this:

"As you enter the future, your strongest asset is optimism. Take with you the high spirit of expectation. Go forth, confident of your potential. Know that God matches his steps to your cadence. Believe your ability, trust your competence, and affirm God's power as your strength. When one door closes, move your eyes away from it, because one more suitable and pertinent is opening. Through that door is the possibility for you to give of yourself, utilize your talent, and make a difference in the world.

Think big. No one ever caught lions by setting mousetraps. To catch lions, think in terms of lions and not of mice. Set your aim high and reach for the sky. The farther you reach, the farther you will go. Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll still land among the stars. Remember, when setting your sights on goals, that God is your partner in what you want to do. If God is your partner, make your plans big. When you and God work together, potential increases and possibilities expand.

Dream big dreams, and watch them come true. When you face difficulties, look beyond them to opportunities. Think positively, and be enthusiastic about your thoughts. Put your thoughts into action and sustain them with all-out effort. Tell God about your goals and why you want to reach them. Invite God's power into everything you do.

You can achieve more and go farther with a positive attitude. As you go forth in confidence, God goes forth with you in strength and power. The two of you go together."

from "The Promise of God's Power for the Graduate" by P Barnhart

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