Monday, May 15, 2006

Growth vs. Change

God recently sent me on a scavenger hunt to Books-A-Million. After asking, Him to show me what He wanted me to read, He led me to a book called "I Really Want to Change... So, Help Me God" by James MacDonald. Notice the placement of the comma in the title. It's amazing that such a little punctuation mark changes the entire meaning of this plea.

It is no accident that God led me to this book the day before I was to start a 90-day Diet (today!). He revealed to me that it wasn't just my eating habits and lack of consistent exercise that needed to change in order to improve my health and sense of well-being, but also that I needed to get serious about making a total transformation, the least of which is my physical appearance. My spirit, my heart, my thoughts, my words (yesterday's post), all need to be focused solely on Him. While my walk with Jesus is much stronger now than it's ever been, the reality is that I'm still a very long way from where I want to be - where God wants me to be. I want to be the most effective witness and waitress that I can be for Him, and in order to do that, it's time to clean house - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Here's an excerpt from the Introduction that sums up what God is doing in my life right now...

"This is a book about change, not growth. Growth is like a ship on a voyage: slow, steady progress toward the distant land of maturity. Change is much more radical. It's like the captain shouting: "Quick, start bailing; we're taking on water and if we don't fix the gash in the boat we're gonna go down!" Growth deals with increasing the strengths of who we already are, improving who I already am. Change is about becoming different - radically different as soon as possible!" Change requires the elimination of character traits and patterns of behavior that are doing damage to my life and those around me. Growth is about health and happiness and someday and steady. Change is about critical, now, I have to be different or the fallout will be big. Growth is about reformation; change is about transformation."

So, help me God, I want to be transformed. I've been growing, but now I want to CHANGE. Right here, right now, I'm committing publically to each of you, my newfound sisters-in-Christ, that I'm going to devote the next 90 days to a total transformation for God. I intend to make myself totally and completely available to Him. I am the clay, waiting for the Potter to mold me as He sees fit.
Now, more than ever, I'm so glad that I made the decision to change my name. I found more confirmation of this when I read in this book that "God likes to change the names of people He's changing. It helps them to remember, "I'm not the person that I used to be."

I know it's going to be an awesome journey and I am so excited about how God is going to work in and through me. I am excited about the prospect of trading in all those man-made "self-help" theories for a serious study and application of change according to God's Word, the Bible. After all, as James MacDonald goes on to say, "If changing ourselves were possible, everyone would be doing it. Fact is, only God can change us!"

I'll be posting periodically about the process. If anyone is interested in a similar journey, consider yourself invited to join me.

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Bea said...

It's quite a task you've set before yourself! But, Father is faithful!Sounds interesting to say the least! I'll check into the book and get back with you! Have you had any 'joiners'?