Wednesday, April 26, 2006

God's timing is awesome!

Okay, so I have a guilty pleasure. I'm one of the millions of closet American Idol fans, and I just love Kellie Pickler! From the very first time I saw her on AI, which was her audition in Greensboro, I just thought she was an angel. I cried with her as she told of being abandoned by her mom at 2, her father being in and out of prison for most of her life, and being raised by her grandparents. When interviewed and asked what she does before each performance, she simply said, "Pray!".

The Lord put it on my heart to knit a prayer shawl for her at the beginning of the season as soon as I knew she was going to Hollywood. In fact, her's is the prayer shawl on the knitting ministry notecards (see blog below). Although I finished the shawl weeks ago, for one reason or another it never got mailed. Last Thursday I felt it was time to send it off. I looked all over the internet and couldn't find a mailing address to American Idol. After finding 15 Pickler's listed in the white pages, I ended up calling the Postmaster in the little town in NC where Kellie lives and asked if I could send Kellie's prayer shawl to Kellie c/o of the Postmaster. Thankfully she agreed.

If I'd had my way, that prayer shawl would have ended up in Los Angeles while Kellie was on her way back home. But because God knew best, that prayer shawl will be at home waiting for Kellie when she gets there. God's timing is always perfect!


Mary said...

Such a nice idea, Syd! What a wonderful welcome-home gift for her.

I never watched that show until this season, when my sister insisted that I start watching so that I can root for Elliot, a hometown favorite. Here's hoping he goes all the way!

Shelley said...

How awesome! I am sure that when she gets home she will be thankful to have it and know that someone "out there" cares enough to do something like that for her.