Monday, April 17, 2006


Well, I've been up since about 8AM yesterday morning and let's just say I'm glad I'm a Christian! LOL. I just got back from seeing a pulmonary specialist and of course, as my luck would have it, mine appears to be a "complicated" case of insomnia. The blessings are that my appointment was supposed to have been next week and there just happened to be a cancellation this morning AND instead of waiting another 3 weeks for a sleep study, there was ANOTHER cancellation and I'm having it Sunday night instead. Thank you God!

Among other things, I got an earfull on proper "sleep hygiene". I didn't even know there was such a thing. Apparently, all the things I've been doing as the cycle of insomnia has been getting worse are the worst things I could be doing and I've probably been making my situation worse. Fortunately, after the sleep test, the doctors should be able to diagnose the problem and begin proper treatment. Until then, let's just say that I should have a lot of time to knit and work on the blogs!

I'll try to be careful, but I apologize in advance for any typos that slip through. All the letters are beginning to look alike at this point. :)

This week I'm going to be getting the Think Pink Challenge blog set up and I'll be re-entering and expanding the blog lists that I blew away in the wee hours of the morning. If you have a Christian and/or knitting blog, please let me know. Also, I'll be putting the scripting back at the bottom of the sidebar, so please feel free to link here and get an automatic link back to your site.


Mary said...

Hey Syd,

I'm a Christian knitter, although I haven't yet joined that webring. My blog is: I've added you to my "Local Knitters" blogroll.

So, what is sleep hygeine? And what were all the wrong things you did that made your insomnia worse? Inquiring minds want to know, to avoid such problems in the future.... ;-)


Lisa said...


I'm a Christian knitter and I love your blog. My blog is

I look forward to knitting and praying with you.


Rebecca said...

Hi Syd,
I would like to participate in the Think Pink Challenge. My blog is BTW, I shared your Radical Obedience story to a Bible Study I teach. I was teaching the verse in Philippians 3 where Paul says "fogetting what lies behind". He had much pain to forget, too. Can you imagine being responsible for persecuting his soon-to-be bros & sisters in the Lord. My prayers are with you sister! I will be following your progress knowing that the Lord will be faithful to complete what He has already started in you!