Thursday, April 13, 2006

Prayer Shawl Note Cards Available

I posted this picture last week of a prayer shawl that I made. The picture was taken at the home of my best friend's father, who passed away last week. I'd taken this picture at his home on a Thursday, and by the time I went home, made a note card with it and took it back to him on Saturday, he was never able to see it. His sister Elizabeth did though, and I think it brought her at least some small measure of comfort, knowing that it had been taken at a place that had very special meaning to her brother.

As you can see, the front of the note card has the picture itself and on the back, I've written about the significance of prayer shawls. I know it's hard to see the text, sorry. The inside is blank for a note.

Clint loved this ministry so in his honor, and to raise funds to continue our work, I've decided to make the blank note cards available for sale. They'd be a great addition to any prayer shawls that you're planning to give to someone. I'd be delighted to send you a set of 6 blank note cards and envelopes for a donation of $5.00 or more. You can either use the Amazon Honor System box to the right or send an e-mail to make other arrangements (i.e., PayPal, Money Order, Personal Check). If you're using the Amazon system and there's a place to leave a note, please indicate that you want the note cards and add your address. If not, please send me a separate e-mail to let me know that you've made a donation. Thanks in advance and enjoy!

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Shelley said...

What pretty cards those are.