Monday, April 17, 2006

I just learned a valuable lesson!!!

Do NOT try to blog when you've been up all night with insomnia and as a result, you're anxious, upset, tired and frustrated. That's exactly what I've been doing for the past few hours and inadvertently lost my blog template. Imagine my horror when I thought a 5am that I'd lost the entire blog. I was able to get the template back by "switching templates", but I lost all the links I had on the side.

Thank Heavens, as much of a pain as this is, it could have been much worse - I could have lost all my posts too. Oh well, it's finally time to get ready for my dr's appt with a specialist to try to sort this insomnia thing out so I'll start anew with the links later today.


Mary said...

Hey Syd,

Sorry about your losing your template customizations. I learned that lesson the hard way, not once, but twice, and so now every time I make a change to my template, I copy, paste and save the template into Notepad, for just such an occasion as Blogger choking and losing all the edits. It's saved my behind a couple of timnes since then.... Of course, if you've been up all night, it's hard to think logically about anything....

Syd said...

Great idea, Mary. I ended up doing that at about 5 this morning. Now I have a special folder on my hard drive that has each post. I just have to remember to add the new ones as I post them! :) I was so blessed that I didn't lose more than I did.