Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Soulful Knitter in Action

If you are a former reader of my original blog, Knitting for the Soul, you know that last year I wrote and self-published a book titled "The Joy of Soulful Knitting: Reflections on the Art of the Craft." Just when I thought it was ready to go, technical issues starting cropping concerning the cover image. I just couldn't get it to print the way I wanted it to. In my frustation, I spent a lot of time praying about the problems and asking God why He led me to write the book, but then kept me from getting it out.

Finally He revealed to me that the book was part of a much bigger plan involving my name change, the ministry, and many other things that He has planned for me. Had he answered my prayers when I thought the book was ready, it would have been published under my old name, which in retrospect, would have made my life much more complicated. As soon as the legal name change was done, he sent a great student from the local community college to finish up the work that needed to be done and I am days away from being able to make the book available under my new name, along with a link to this blog so that others can learn about this ministry. Praise God! He may not always answer when we want Him to, but He's ALWAYS on time!

I'll blog more on the upcoming book soon, but there are some other more pressing things I want to write about today. The only reason I'm bringing it up now is that I saw an article about a woman in England who exemplifies what soulful knitting is really all about. If you want to be truly inspired, read Heather's story.

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